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remount read-only / to as read/write

mount -o remount,rw /

FFS or BSD partition mounting in Linux

mount -r -t ufs -o ufstype=44bsd /dev/hdd7 /mnt

Null Mount or Bind Mount (Mount a folder in linux)
mount --bind /usr/u01 /u01 mount --bind /usr/u02 /u02

in /etc/fstab

/usr/u01 /u01 auto bind 0 0 /usr/u02 /u02 auto bind 0 0

Note that when mount command is used usually df won't show the mounted null partitions. But when fstab is modified and mount -a is used, df will show the newly mounted partitions.

df -h /usr/u01 25G 274M 25G 2% /u01 /usr/u02 25G 274M 25G 2% /u02