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Juniper SRX Firewall (services gateway) configuration

To get into operational mode:

% cli user@host>

To get in configuration mode:

user@host> configure
Entering configuration mode

Set hostname

[edit system] root# set host-name gateway0

Set domain name

[edit system] root# set domain-name domain.tld

Allow SSH remote access

[edit system] root# set services ssh

Define root password

root# set root-authentication plain-text-password New password:
show running config

> config
# show | display set

set a vlan to a port then compare with committed config then commit:

# set vlans myvlan1 interface ge-0/0/23
# show | compare
[edit vlans myvlan1 interface]
     ge-0/0/22.0 { ... }
+    ge-0/0/23.0;

# commit
commit complete

Upgrade JunOS

request system software add reboot validate