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IBM DB2 installation

Locate DB2 products installed on your system


switch ownership of an instance from one DB2 copy to another



kernel.sem=250 256000 32 1024 #Example shmmax for a 64-bit system kernel.shmmax=1073741824 #Example shmall for 90 percent of 16 GB memory kernel.shmall=3774873 kernel.msgmax=65535 kernel.msgmnb=65535 kernel.msgmni=2048

To reload sysctl.conf parameters run

sysctl -p

For a partitioned database modify /etc/services and add the followings. One could choose a different range if necessary (but the same consecutive ports should be defined on all servers participating).

DB2_db2inst1 60000/tcp DB2_db2inst1_1 60001/tcp DB2_db2inst1_2 60002/tcp DB2_db2inst1_END 60003/tcp